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Yes, the Mayan ruins at Copan have been named a World Heritage Site by Unesco, but visiting them is not the only cool thing you can do in Copan! Here is a sample of things you can do around the town and make your experience a memorable one.

 Ball Court Main Site Copan Ruinas

Ball Court Main Site Copan Ruinas

Mayan Ruins Main Structure Site

"One of the most spectacular achievements of the Classic Maya Period because of the number, elaboration and magnitude of its architectural and sculptural monuments. Stelae and altars at the Plaza form one of the most beautiful sculpture ensembles in the region."

 Las Sepulturas Copan Ruinas

Las Sepulturas Copan Ruinas

Mayan Ruins La Sepultura Site

Located approximately a mile away from the main site, Las Sepulturas has been found to be the elite residential area for the Mayans in Copan. There are no tour guides on site, so you would need to secure one at the main site.  It is an active dig site, archeology in action!

 Hot Springs Copan Ruinas

Hot Springs Copan Ruinas

Hot Springs & Spa

24 kms north of Copan you will find natural hot springs where you can sit in the river or one of the artificial pools. The boiling hot spring water mixes with the cool river water to give you an amazing experience. Open from 10am -10 pm, you can follow this map link.


Finca Santa Isabel

Experience one of the best shade grown coffee plantations in our country. In Finca Santa Isabel you will experience coffee varieties and learn about the flora and fauna of the area. Guided tours are available as well as tasting tours. 

Los Sapos & Horesback

Believed by the mayans to be a fertility site, Los Sapos is a short horseback ride or a hefty walk up to Hacienda San Lucas, where you can enjoy the views and the frog ( sapo ) shaped carvings.

Over 4kms of fun in 16 cable runs will definitely get your heart pumping! No more than 15 minutes from the hotel, your  fee includes hotel pickup and also includes an entrance fee to the Macaw Mountain Bird Park.

Macaw Mountain Bird Park

Just 2.5 kms North of the town, a private reserve to help preserve and protect central american bird species such as Parrots and Macaws. You can interact with the uncaged birds in the park's Encounter Center. This is a private park operating with the permission of the Honduran government. The park is open from 9am to 5pm.